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A big thanks to everyone who participated in the contest, it was a pleasure to see all your entries - hopefully you had as much fun creating them! :heart:

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1st Place: :thumb447595946: by Tryphosa20   

2nd PlaceLove is Not a Candle by EmpressofDiamonds

3rd Place: :thumb447728674: by TiffanyEtch-A-Sketch

Best in Technique: AdjustmentShe didn't want to be here. This house was foreign to her. Her new “family” were strangers that she didn't trust and didn't want. The past few months had gone by in a blur, but now that the scenery had changed time seemed to come to a grinding halt. She should have been grateful to have been given a new home so soon after entering foster care. There were kids her age and older who had been in the system since infancy. No one wanted them. She'd been given a home they would have killed for (a mansion, really), but all she could think about was her life before.
Asajj didn't go near the bed. Although large and beautiful, this room was as cold to her as any freezer. This wasn't her home. That wasn't her bed. And that man who had taken custody of her was not her father. Her father had died, killed on the street by thugs who valued the paper and metal in his pocket more than his life. She still saw his body bleeding out on the sidewalk every time she closed her eyes. She'd
and LegacySilence was not an uncommon guest in this wing of Dooku's palace on Serenno. He liked it quiet, free from the auditory pollution of servant droids and visiting dignitaries he only barely tolerated. Only a handful of beings, organic or not, were allowed to set foot in these chambers. The cavernous study was home to books and records of all kinds, all subjects, and all formats. Being surrounded by so much knowledge from all manner of peoples and times was a welcome weight most days. But even the most vast and varied library could not answer all questions.
Dooku sat there now, his back to the books and scrolls in favor of gazing out the window that took up the majority of the back wall. At first he seemed to be studying the patterns of the raindrops that struck the transparisteel and sped down the panes in rivulets. Or the dense forest that lay outside the courtyard's walls. But a closer look would reveal that his gaze was beyond anything the eye could see.
In fact, his vision was filled
by Stormraven24

Best  in OriginalityFamily Resemblance by scarydogmaticalien

Entrant with most entries: Stormraven24 (3 entries)


Additionally, the following contest participants will receive mini gift packs: lordhadrian, TheArcticFox9 and LadyNinkharsag!


Lana Dragičević
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I'm always open to dA points commissions. If you are interested or have any questions, don't be shy and please note me - I am grateful for any work! :heart:


Current Residence: Zagreb

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